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Coming from an artistic family, it was no surprise that Victoria Moiseyeva chose music as a career. Victoria spent 17 years studying the art of music. At the age of 17, Victoria was already working as a music teacher and accompanist. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from the Surgut College of Music in Russia at the age of 18, Victoria continued her study of music in the Donetsk State Music Academy in Ukraine, or as it was known back then, the Prokofiev State Conservatory. Studying under Professor L. Adamenko, and therefore a direct second generation student of legendary D. Shostakovich and H. Neuhaus, Victoria received a Master’s Degree in Piano Perfomance and Music Pedagogy.

During her studies, Victoria was featured on National TV as a solo pianist, worked as an accompanist in the Conservatory, won numerous regional piano competitions and took part in the international music festivals in Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Tunisia.

After moving to Vancouver in 2001 Ms Moiseyeva spent several years working with local opera singers as an accompanist. Since 2003 Victoria runs her busy piano studio offering music lessons in Richmond, BC. Victoria’s students frequently appear in music festivals and competitions and constantly get high marks on their RCM examinations.


May 2017

Annual Summer Recital 2017 theme: Waltz, waltz, waltz… June 17, 2017 @ 3 pm, Broadmoor Baptist Church 8140 Saunders Rd., Richmond

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